Tailgate Toilet: Helpful tips and tricks for your portable toilet

Here are a few helpful tips to make your Tailgate Toilet portable bathroom experience awesome:

Lift the lid, place the bag inside along with an absorbent pad. This quickly absorbs up to 3 cups of liquid for leak free disposal. You can use a diaper or puppy pads inside the bag as an alternative. Simply pull the bag, tie it and dispose of it in the nearest trash can.

tailgate toilet absorbent pads

Speaking of trash cans we recommend using a disposable pop up trash bin lined with a heavy duty black trash bag for convenient disposal. Set it up right outside your Tailgate Toilet for quick disposal. This prevents the awkward feeling when exiting a portable toilet with your “goods”. These are great to have on hand for other tailgating trash like cups, plates and cans. Bonus: these fit right inside your TGT carry case! 

tailgate toilet trash bin

Your Tailgate Toilet comes with stakes and wind ropes for soft ground. For cement/hard surfaces there are 3 floor pockets specifically designed for stability. Use cornhole bags, sandbags or rocks to keep it stable in windy conditions. Hint: fill plastic grocery bags with sand or rocks from the beach or camp area.

weighted sand bags for tailgate toilet      cornhole bags for tailgate toilet

An awesome addition to keep with your Tailgate Toilet is a collapsible bucket with a lid. It can be used as a table for your phone, light or lantern and doubles as a storage space for extra toilet paper, feminine products, wipes or sanitizer.

bucket for tailgate toilet   battery powered lantern for tailgate toilet

If you want to use a full sized roll of toilet paper use Velcro strips (30” long by 1”) to hang it from the inside strap. It's durable and easy to use. Lightweight rope or shoe laces work too.

We left the bottom “open” on purpose. In case of drips or accidents you won't have to spend time cleaning the bottom and drying it out before putting it away. If you prefer a ground covering use a small tarp underneath the tent. This way you only have to clean the tarp and dry it out if necessary. 

Wherever you are tailgating, these accessories along with your Tailgate Toilet will ensure that when you have to go, you have a clean, portable private bathroom anytime, anywhere!

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